Fomina Z. Ye. Introductory Remarks

Malyuga Ye. N. Functional and Pragmatic Characteristics of Interrogative Sentences in Economic Discourse Headline Complexes in British and American National Variants of the English Langua

Khorvat O. W. Particular Qualities of Metaphorical Conceptualization of the Economical Con-cept «Industry»

J. Arsenijevic. Word Formation Activity of New Economic Terminology on the Basis of Mod-ern Mass Media

Isaev Yu.N. To the Question of the Regular Polysemy and “Isosemantic Numbers of the Words” (in Terms of the Words with the Meanings of Phitonyms)

Levina M. A. Semantic Specifics of Terms in Secondary Terminological SystemsVakhnitskaya N.I. Borrowing as a Source of Synonymous Neologisms (Based on the Dictionary of Neologisms of the 90s of the XX Century)

Vakhnitskaya N.I. Borrowing as a Source of Synonymous Neologisms (Based on the Dictionary of Neologisms of the 90s of the XX Century)

Parfenova T.V.Distinctive Characteristics of the Spanish Business Letter Compositional Struc-ture

Zhdanova T. A. Verbal Means of “Instrumental” Concept Representation

Bhuvan Eswar Chulukuri Speech Act Theory and Proverbial Discourse a Karmik Linguistic Analysis

Klementsova N. N. Language and Culture Relationship the Structural-Functional Approach

Voevoda E.V. Colour Perception and Associative Fields in Russian and English

Son L. P. Virtual Onomastics and Non-Verbal Component of Internet Communications

Fomina Z.Ye. Metaphoric Representations of Nature in Ingeborg Bakhman’s and Sergei Esenin’s Poetic World Picture in the Aspect of Their Differentiation and

Manuilova E. O. Pragmatic Potential of the Representation of Metacommunicative

Dubrovina K. N. Study of Biblical Phraseology General Tasks and Results

Zabolotnaya S. A. Ways and Strategies of Proper Names Presentation in Works of Literature Translated into Slavonic Languages

International Conference “Language – Literature – Cognition”, organized by Austrian Society of Germanistics and the University of Vienna (Austria, Vienna 6-th June, 2012 – 9-th June, 201

International Conference “Numerical Code in Different Languages and Cultures” organized by the Problem Group “Logical Analysis of Language”, Russian Academy of Science (Moscow) (June 13-15

10th Anniversary Interuniversity Seminar Lingvo cultural area studies methods of analysis, education technology , held at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MSIIR (U))

Information about holding summer Translation School organized by the Union of Translators of Russia (UTR) in Vologda State Technical University, 9th — 17th July, 2012


Fomina Z. Ye. Introductory Remarks

Samozhenov S.N. Connotative Aspect of Prosody in the German and Russian Languages

Chilukuri Bhuvaneswar. Derivation of Referential Meaning in Proverbs 2 – Syntactic Meaning A Karmik Linguistic Analysis

Fomina Z. Ye. Peculiarities of the Conceptualization Of The Phenomenon “Number”In The German Linguistic Consciousness (based on the material of the German numerical phraseologisms)

Balashova E.Yu. Discourse-Analysis Through the System of Conceptual Fields (on the New Testament’s Text)

Lavrinenko I.Yu. Concept intellect in the F. Bacon phylosophycal world picture (based on the material of the Bacon works «The great instauration», «The new Organon»)

Lagutina A.A. Specific Character of Language Categorization of Ecological Concept « Erwärmung» «Warming» in Modern German Journalistic Discourse

Nizovaja I. Ju.Typology of Genres of the Internet in Linguodidactic Aspect

Ovchinnikova O.M. Creolized Text in Economic Dictionaries of the German Language Functional-and-Semantic Aspect

Hamid Reza Dadoo. Reflection of National Character in Russian, Persian and Arabic Proverbial Units with Moral-and-Valuable Components

Guschina A.I. Metaphorical Types of «Tree» in the Specific Character of their Depiction in German Linguoculture (based on the material of German art works)

Sdobnikov V.V. Translation Tactics as Means of Implementing the Strategy of Tertiary Translation

Sadykova G.R. Ways of description of hedonistic objects in the English art discourse (based on the material of Virginia Woolf’s work «Mrs. Dalloway»)

Chechetka V.I., Guschina A.I.The First All-Russian Forum of Russian Teachers and Lecturers of the German Language «Foreign Language – the Way to Partnership»

Lukina L.V.18th International Annual NATE-RUSSIA (National Association of Teachers of English) conference on the theme «Rivers of Language, Rivers of Learning»