Chief editor

– Valery A. Fedorov – graduator of Voronezh State University

– PhD in Philology (Doctoral Thesis was defended in Voronezh State University in 2013)

– Associate Professor

– Hirsch index – 9

– Sphere of Scientific Interests – cognitive linguistics, theory of syntactical concepts, contrastive linguistics, semantic-and-syntactical researches, etc.

– Conducts the research of theory of syntactical concepts on the material of the French language

– The author of the new scientific direction in the modern linguistics: “National Specifics of Syntactic Concepts” (on the material of the Russian and French languages)

– Supervisor of the Post-graduate Educational Programme 5.9.6. Languages of People of Foreign Countries (Roman-and-German Group)

– Supervisor of the Scientific Research of the Department GB 2016.36 Facts and Tendencies of the Evolution of Language System

– The author of more than 100 scientific and methods-and-educational works on linguistics and pedagogy, including the publications in the journals, included in the List of Journals, recommended by Higher Attestation Commission, Web of Science and Scopus Lists

– Executive Editor of the scientific proceedings: “Innovational Processes in Linguodidactics”

– Editorial board member of scientific proceedings: “Personality Development as Strategy of the Modern System of Education”, “Anthropocentric Sciences: Innovational View on Education and Development of Personality” and others

– Participant of international conferences, forums, symposiums held in Russia and abroad (Great Britain, Montenegro, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy and other countries)

– Trainee on the course of French and English for specific purposes at ALSTOM (1999, France), scholarship holder of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France

– Member of the Union of Interpreters of Russia

– Member of the Union of Mechanicians of Russia

– Supervisor of two supplementary professional education programs: Interpreter in the Sphere of Professional Communication (two-year and four-year courses)

– Member of editorial-and publishing Board of Voronezh State University (Section of Foreign Literature)

– Chairman of State Examinational Committee of Voronezh State Pedagogical University, Department of Foreign Languages

List of Scientific Works