Instruction for Reviewer

Instruction for the Reviewer

The editors are often asked questions concerning the content of the review and its proper drawing up. We do not require reviewing the articles on any pattern – the review is prepared in a free form, every reviewer notes features particular just for given article. Nevertheless, there are some general recommendations, which should be followed when reviewing.

  1. First of all, the reviewer needs to estimate, whether the given article corresponds to the journal subject. In case of discrepancy to the journal profile the article is not considered.
  2. Reviewers are asked to pay special attention to the abstract: the abstract should be written according to the rules of writing and drawing up the articles in Scientific Journal, i.e. it should fully reflect the content of the article and at the same time interest the reader, serve as a kind of advertising.
  3. It is necessary to estimate the quality of the material presentation: whether it is adequately and clearly presented; whether all the drawings and tables are relevant (whether the author tries to increase the size of the article artificially); whether there are technical and logical mistakes.
  4. It is necessary to estimate the validity of the material presented (whether the article contains the references of the authors and publications quoted, as well as the facts and results used in the article obtained by the other authors or organizations; whether the text contains hidden borrowings) and its scientific novelty.
  5. After reading the article, the reviewer is recommended to once more look through the title of the article, the abstract, the introduction and conclusions – how these elements correspond to each other and to the content of the article of its own.
  6. The conclusion should be made in one of the three wordings:
  1. the article may be accepted for the publication;
  2. the article may not be accepted for the publication;
  3. the article requires improvement and repeated reviewing.

Special attention of the reviewers is paid to the fact that the articles are the property of the authors and they must not be disclosed. Reviewers must not make copies of the articles for their needs, and use somehow the presented materials either.